Game Design Portfolio

Hi, looks like you've made it to my portfolio.
Here's the stuff I've been working on:

For these projects I've done all of the design work and the majority of the programming.


In this one you play as an explorer venturing through the guts of a vast medieval sea creature.
The player can stun the parasites for an instant kill or whittle them down with three regular hits.
The player has to make moment-to-moment micro decisions on whether to go for the candle or focus on protecting themselves, which i think is cool.
I think if we had more time with this one I would have added actual levels for the player to explore haha.

Shrinking Universe

I made this one in 72 hours for Ludum Dare!

3D Platformer

Not yet released

This one's not quite finished - I mostly just want to show here that I do work with 3D. Everything shown is made by me. I would like to add some Y-damping on the camera and give a bit more consistency to the players direction.

Ploppy the Robot

Not yet released

This is a tongue in cheek homage to early 2000s PC CD-ROM games. Intentional misspelling of lives aside, I'm proud of the character controller I made for this one, and the level design is solid. The music is also awesome but I can't lay claim to that.

And here's some of my older stuff: - Get Pickled - Skelets - GBA Game

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