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  • We are the various snorps! That's:

    Snorp /snorp/ (Plural: Snorps)

    wan ae they wee mad snorps eh?

    That's right, the snorps. We're a system of queer programmers and designers who work with javascript, css, react and php. As well as creating software using languages such as c++, java, c#, c, and python. Though you may have been able to tell from the previous examples that our true passion is video game development, with our main completed and playable projects being Shrinking Universe and Get Pickled. We also do some hobbyist sysadmining, managing this website as well as the websites of several other individuals and organizations and multiple private game servers from this dedicated machine.

    You can find us at:

    some weird x website idk?
    Mostly shitposts by mellis.
    i like a lot of soundclowns
    pass me that aux bitch
    (Maintained by Blue and Jane)
    Our games are a team effort! (but this is mostly run by lola)

    Pets we adopted.

    TODO: implemenet guy enclosure
    Did you know that there's another habitable planet orbiting the sun on the opposite side to ours at the exact same speed?

    Designed by Lola.

    Programmed by Jane and Blue.